Dec. 3rd, 2008

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Well, I may have to incorporate this particular trick into my novel; I just love the idea of stealing a structure like the Empire State Building as part of a plot...

Truth: It's Stranger than Fiction. It is, as Fox Mulder says, "Out there."

Blessed be,

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Everything I need to know about a sense of patience and delayed gratification, I learned from Sam Vimes and Moist von Lipwig. Hope, they teach, is the greatest gift a person can receive. Jam today just leads to a distinct lack of jam tomorrow, but even the most wretched peasant can live happily if they live in hope of jam tomorrow.

This holiday message has been brought to you by....

Seriously, though, I've recently begun noticing a substantial increase in the sense of satisfaction I derive from the knowledge of jam tomorrow. It also helps save money. Rather than buying a new computer game in the last month or so, I just browsed reviews, looked at critical evaluations, and enjoyed thinking about which ones might be more fun to try sometime in the future. And I've been planning to head into town to get a slice of fancy cake or similar at a coffee shop; first I planned to make that trip at the beginning of Thanksgiving Break, and then when I finished my writing contract, and then when classes were over for the semester (today). Now I'm planning to go get it when I finish my last exam next Thursday. 

This is probably a good thing, considering that teaching is a profession big on jam tomorrow. When you provide education and try to encourage a sense of success and personal worth in kids, you don't actually get to see how you changed their futures until---surprise, surprise---the future, and even then, 99% of them won't be in touch.

And the saving-money bit will be helpful too, considering the pay....

Blessed be,

PS: Also, a good substitute for jam is homemade chocolate covered popcorn.


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