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Stand back, Scientology; you've got competition in the I-can't-believe-it's-not-dismissed category. Though, I must admit, I think this one is funnier; there are fewer potential evils here, and no brain-washing scam that I can detect thus far.

According to the BBC, the Czech Wallachian Kingdom is under attack.

Founded in 1997 in a mountainous area in southeast Moravia, Wallachia is a real place with a real hat. It also has real restaurants, hotels, and a traditional plum brandy. However, the the currency (the Jurovalsar), the University of the Wallachian Kingdom, and the passports are NOT real.

As Tomas Harabis, creator (co-creator, really) and foreign minister of Wallachia says of the passports, "They are fake. But I did get into Alaska with one."

Apparently, 90,000 people have such passports.

Unfortunately, a clown (literally, actual clown) had himself crowned "Wallachian King, Boleslav I the Gracious, Forever" on his TV show in 1993, four years PRIOR to the creation of the kingdom. At first there was a successful relationship between the two, with King Boleslav being crowned, his signature appearing on passports, and similar---but when he decided to try and control the financial aspects of the kingdom, Harabis declared a 'Palace Coup' and installed a Queen Mother instead.

The clown-king sued the kingdom, and lost, in 2007; the Czech court in Olomouc is now ruling on the final verdict of an appeal. King Boleslav wants the copyright to the Kingdom of Wallachia....

And in the meantime, I appeal to all good people of Wallachia and holders of Wallachian passports: GO TO ALASKA. PLEASE. And then appear on American talkshows and discuss Palin's border security.

Blessed be,

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