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This series of articles, the first of which can be found here, will cover my own new, unofficial ideas for Cortex RPG games, optional rules, and similar.

This article is a small collection of new Traits for the Demon Hunters Role Playing Game. Two of them, notably Who Gave Him Sugar? and Sniffin' It Out, were first invented by [profile] leeflower, so I can't really claim credit for those ideas; I just wrote them up and balanced their die costs.

Disclaimer and notice: If I ever get around to writing my own Cortex sourcebook, I might include some of the ideas from these articles, but I put them up here for free in the hopes that they'll see use by other folk, too. Please feel free to link to them or use them yourself. If you want to repost them elsewhere, or you draw heavily on them for your own freely available work, I would both love to hear about your project and would also appreciate being given credit for whatever inspiration I provided, but don't worry about it too much. My only restriction is that you do not publish my writing for profit, or put it into something which requires a subscription or purchase to view, such as a commercial e-zine or similar.

Read on for the Traits!

Well, it's only 4 Traits, but I hope they prove useful! They aren't in any way official, but they occured to me as ones that I probably would've put in the DH rulebook if I'd thought of them before... thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?

Blessed be,
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By all that is holy (and most other things too)! IT HAS ARRIVED!

I just got an awesome surprise: a copy of the Demon Hunters RPG core book arrived by FedEx not an hour ago. It is oh, so shiny...

First, thanks to the folks at MWP for sending one my way so quickly. Second, thanks to MWP and Dead Gentlemen Productions for making this project so awesome! I have to say, as much as I love Serenity and BSG, Demon Hunters was the most fun to write.

This post isn't meant to be a review---I'm kinda a biased source there---but on a basic level, this book looks, reads, and plays in style. A very particular, half-slapstick, half-serious style, but style nonetheless. The humor is great, and is consistent with the Demon Hunters universe; the rules are presented smoothly and with the benefit of having already worked out the hiccups that occurred in both the Serenity and BSG books (if I do say so myself); the collection of Traits is a thing of beauty; the layout is excellent; and, of course, there's the DVD of the Brotherhood Training Video....

This video was previewed at GenCon '07, but now includes even more goodies on the DVD, ready for printing and use. And, honestly, the video itself is worth the cost of the book.

I really should go about some other business, so I'll wrap up this post with one of my favorite quotes from the DHRPG rulebook. This comes from the section on the Mystic Arts, regarding casting spells faster than normal ('Cheating the Universe,' on page 95):

Instead of casting that spell properly, you can Cheat, with a capital "C." Essentially, by forcing extraneous eldritch power into the arcane matrix of the ritual-construct, you increase the rate at which---aww, hell, think about it this way. There's a baby with some candy inside a locked room with a glass door, right? You want the candy. You can either pick the lock, which is tedious and time consuming (casting the spell as a ritual), or you can wrap your jacket around your hand and punch the glass in (Cheating and speeding things up). Sure, you get cut up a bit, and maybe the baby turns out to be a face-eating demonspawn in disguise (botching), but otherwise you have the candy. Mmm, delicious, analogical candy.
Seriously, check the book out! And if you want to chat with other folk about it, or ask any questions, you can either post here or go to the CortexSystemRPG forums for a different perspective.

Blessed be,


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