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Well, with my midterm for one class fully completed, I spent some time poking around online and stumbled across an hilarious holiday carol by the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society

The lyrics are behind the cut, to save space.  )

Incidentally, the HPLHS seem to have a new Mythoscope movie coming out, The Whisperer in Darkness; unlike their Mythoscope version of the The Call of Cthulhu, this one is a Fully Speaking Film! The trailer looks excellent. I'll have to read that story next.

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Tooting my own horn a bit, here---fair warning!
Much to my surprise, the little play-by-post I'm running (a Call of Cthulhu mystery/horror adventure, entitled "You Can't Take it With You")  at PbP House (link to their 'what is this?' FAQ) attracted the notice of the moderators, who named my game this month's "High-Caliber PbP" winner!

The post I wrote, and their explanation of why it was selected, can be found at the bottom of this index page. It doesn't come with a cash reward, but I decided to take them at their word about the bragging rights and post here in a celebratory fashion. Considering that the mods, players, and GMs at PbPHouse are generally pretty skilled writers, I'm quite pleased I wrote something they thought was deserving of the mention.

By the way, the top of that index page also includes a pretty good explanation of what the site is. I highly recommend the place to anyone interested in play-by-post roleplaying---it's a good way to get in some games despite having little time to organize one in real life, and the people there are a fun crowd.

Blessed be,
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Ok, well---after browsing around a bit, it seems there's enough gaming/Serenity interest to be drummed up to at least justify my blathering on those accounts. So I'll be posting a bit, soon, about the Cortex system's design and revisions, especially as related to gaming in the 'verse.

Also, I've got some schemes on the back burner; mostly for what to do with the system once the generic Cortex Corebook comes out. Since MWP has said that they'll most likely be letting third party publishers sell their own material with certain restrictions, I hope I can hop on that bandwagon pretty quick and get a sourcebook out. Some ideas are

--A game based on the novel I hope to write shortly (woot for easily achievable goals! /sarcasm), which would make it a pseudo-victorian fantasy mod I'm tentatively calling 'deathpunk.'

--A modern horror game based on the works of H. P. Lovecraft, primarily regarding a well-funded organization that has set itself up in the ruins of a burned out ghost town on the Massachusetts coast. They call themselves "The Innsmouth Project," and organize government investigations into supernatural happenings within the States. Of course, not all their operatives can avoid the...uncanny effects of The Call, but some casualties in the line of duty are to be expected.

More to come later, I'm sure. The problem with game design is that you just keep getting ideas which you have no time to implement... it can be excruciatingly frustrating. Just goes to show I really need that direct neural uplink. Scientists! Get on it!

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