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I've recently started reading the webcomic Girl Genius, and have just gotten through part of Book 5, where I come across a cameo by a stagehand named Nod with a familiarly huge nose. Everyone's favorite henchman certainly seems to be getting around these days! At least, with Nodwick's appearance in The Gamers: Dorkness Rising and here too, I seem to be bumping into him everywhere.

Part of the reason that this surprises me is that so many of my gamer friends have never heard of him. Unfortunately, I can't find a really good site to view it on anymore---the old one is gone, and the one I can find doesn't seem to have all the extra stuff, like the character bios and so on---but here's a link to the first comic I can find, which dates back to 2001 and may be the first in the series. It's not the best comic in the world, but it's certainly a classic when it comes to gaming-related ones. I should go back and reread it one of these days...

Maybe I'll do that when I've run through Girl Genius. Which is quite good, I must say; Phil Foglio does an interesting combination of humor and story.

Blessed be,

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