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Well, I haven't posted in a while, but I have an excuse; I just got back to Maine on Monday, and (for the most part) I was too busy with *Real Life* activities to post for the two weeks prior to that (seeing as [profile] leeflower convinced me to stay in DC for an extra week). The trip was awesome, and included numerous strange and wondrous goings-on. Too strange and, indeed, too wondrous to detail here; that's a tale for another time.

Since I've returned, I have managed to take and upload some additional pictures of my family's house, beach and dock here in Maine; these aren't as awesome as the sunset and fog ones, but they give a more practical idea of what the place looks like. Though I'm hoping for another day of fog amidst all these thunderstorms we're having; I want to get a really good shot of fog around the house itself. I'm not going to link the pictures here, since my connection is really slow, but they've been added to my public gallery for anyone who cares.

In other news, while shopping at a local grocery for pie filling materials, I ran into a stockboy who goes to Earlham; we rode the airport shuttle together last year. I don't really know him (or even his name), but we recognized each other. Small world, eh?

And apologies to those just following this blog for game design purposes; I promise I'll write something gaming-related soon!

Blessed be,


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