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Ok, I don't normally post this many times in one day, but....well, this is just too good.

As breaks between sessions of writing, I've been watching bits and pieces of The Da Vinci Code. The disc is perfectly clean and free of scratches, but the thing has been stuttering on and off the whole time. And don't look at me like that; I had to see what the story is at SOME point after all that fuss about it.

Finally, though, I'm reaching the end---or, at least, the big reveal. And the main character says, at one point, "Jesus Christ!" (with the exclamation---it gets said before that point without the exclamation).

And the DVD crashes.

Upon reload, that same spot glitches out again. Trying other DVD players, I find that none of them work at all. The whole DVD refuses to play, skipping over one track to the next and bringing me back to the menu. Ok, I think, it's the copy protection and maybe one invisible scratch. I load it up again in the first player and skip a minute of track, hopefully bypassing the error. And it works

20 minutes later, the main character turns to the leading lady and says, "Godspeed!"

Down it goes again, right on cue.

I'm tempted to try other movies to confirm this apparent evidence, but I'm not willing to watch The Passion. Maybe I'll break out the Cadfael DVDs.

Blessed be,


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